Monday, June 23, 2008

Karena mau merit....

I pray you'll be our eyes, and watch us where we go.
And help us to be wise in times when we don't know
Let this be our prayer, as we go our way
Lead us to the place, guide us with your grace
To a place where we'll be safe

-= The Prayer - Michelle Brach and Josh Groban =-

Sometimes it's hard to see beyond the choice we have to make and it is easier for us to blame others when the consequences from our choices come to challenge us.

I hate when my friends tell me about their problem with their spouse/partner.It's like they don't realize the choice they make and the promise they take.I mean somebody doesn't have to put a gun against their head when they decide to get married rite ?

A lack of understanding from their mind is what cause them to make blow up on the real problem.That's why they should read "Don't sweat the small stuff in love" (I'm not into this book thou,but as a matter a fact a lot of couple is..sweating on the small stuff).The bump on the love road is just ...a bump.It's not like a nuclear strike or Carpet bombing.Just undergo the bump...together.The ability to see beyond choices is very necessary to a healthy love life and we can practice it in our personal life (before you involve everybody else in your mess).

So when the tides comes (because the choice you make) you already prepare the boat and the safety jacket.

It take a Heaven of courage to make a decision,but it takes double of the effort to face the consequences. -= Sondi=-

narsis banget yakk

Thursday, June 19, 2008


Intrigue by my friends Wira's Blog i would try to expand the topics in a quite a serious way.

Many of us ever heard our parents cursing at something unintentionally or not.

We heard that on TV, even the show for kids have a cursing dialogue in the scene.

No wonder a 3-4 years old kids could launch a full scale language attack on everybody.

In the other hands we (as an adult) never like to hear them saying all those things they shouldn't say.But,our society always try to deny that we as a person is the one who took the responsible in educating our young one.

They could blame others if they heard a young lings saying a nasty curse, their parents, their teacher,their neighbors...but they never blame them self for helping it happen.

Is it really hard not to say a cursing words (or another nasty words) for just one day ? i done that is hard, it's getting easier as the days go by.I use to punish myself if i say something nasty by having a 5 times push up per words spoken.At the first day i broke up a record by 80 push ups...but in the sixth days i only do 15 push ups.Is it really that simple ? it is if we have a will to do it.

Life isn't always go as you plans, also the behavior of the people around you.But you can always control your temper, emotion and any words that come from your mouth.

Ramadhan is always a month of blessing...are you up to take the challenge ?

-= It is your choice to be happy or to be Grumpy everyday =- NN

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Preman amat sih loe ?

I do not know much about it. But I am very sure that the word Premanism is not on your Oxford English dictionary.

There is this news about a girl gang that bullies their new recruits in Central Java. They called themselves as Nero Gang.

The member is arrested by the police recently because a new recruit tell the police about their activities. They also manage to tape their activity with Hand phone…which is a very stupid idea considering what they have done is against the law.

I though that only happen in the movie or the world of man….but i was wrong, even now the girls just doing it without hesitation.

When the police ask them why they did that, they said that they did not know why. It’s jut that all of their senior doing it to them a couple years back when they are stills a new recruit, its like walk blindly to something that you did not know the cause.

I believe that a lot of us sometimes doing it too. We do something that we do not know why…the why something that we forget is. We loose our passion for something else which seems more valuable…but it does not actually.

This event of course jolts all the member parents, junior or senior. The lack of understanding about their daughter activity is something that they should be ashamed of. The Nero gang member is all girls from between 15 to 19 years old. How could you have a slightly idea about it? Especially when you are at central Java, when the cultures still suppress the woman in society to act aggressively in all social aspect of live. We are talking about the most modest people in the land of Indonesia. They often say sorry for something they just want to do or they did not do. Paternalistic hierarchy in Javanese people is so subtle that somehow a girl be force to married when they just 15 years old because their parents said so.

Like it or not this is what happening in Indonesia and we have to deal with it. If there is such things in Central java, who could guarantee that it is not happen in another part of Indonesia, such as Jakarta or Surabaya which are among the biggest city in Indonesia.

Ever since the STPDN incident last year this is the biggest news about premanism in Indonesia.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Love....a state of mind ?

Setelah diskusi yang cukup ga panjang...timbul konklusi bahwa cinta itu seperti fantasy...

lalu ada yang komen seperti ini:

gw sih percaya bahwa cinta itu emang fantasy, dalam arti "a state of mind", kayak yg dibilang sontoloyo.
however, kenapa donk orang bisa jatuh cinta kepada orang yang lain, dan bukan kepada yang lainnya?kalo cinta itu "a state of mind", artinya... sebenernya... ga ada donk yang namanya cinta?
karena itu hanya ilusi yang diciptakan oleh diri kita sendiri, sesuatu yang totally kita kendalikan...

a state of mind, rite?

Nah jawaban gue seperti di bawah ini :

Begini yah Mba'

Pertanyaannya kan...kenapa kita bisa jatuh cinta dengan orang tertentu dan tidak kepada orang lain ?
jawabannya ......P R E F E R E N S I ....yes preferensi yang ada di pikiran elo mengenai kriteria cowo2 yang bisa bikin elo jatuh cinta.

Darimana datangnya preferensi ? dari pengalaman kelima indra elo yang terekam di otak.

Whoops !! yes pernah nonton The matrix ? di film pertamanya si morpheus menjelaskan kepada neo bahwa semua yang elo rasakan dari lima indra elo hanya signal2 listrik yang mengalir ke bagian tertentu di sinapsis otak elo.

Apakah realitas itu belum tentu nyata ?? oh yeah baby...kalau memang cuman sengatan listrik di otak yang menimbulkan realitas jangankan cinta...cowo ganteng yang elo lihat pake mata elo ajah ...bisa jadi hanya signal listrik yang menyengat di otak...belom tentu beneran.

But then...apa yang paling penting adalah bagaimana kita mengartikan itu semua...what dearly to your life....pengalaman2 itu yang membentuk eksistensi elo di dunia ini.

Ga penting khayalan atau bukan....yang penting apa yang berarti di dalam hidup elo...

Kadang orang mengejar khayalannya begitu ngotot karena mereka menganggap itu penting bagi hidup mereka...walaupun keliatannya bodoh...tapi itu yang membuat dunia seperti sekarang ini.Terbang di udara itu....dulunya khayalan....begitu juga gelas bulat yang bisa memancarkan sinar tanpa api (bohlam)....

Hanya karena kita tidak bisa melihat apa yang orang lain lihat bukan berarti itu tidak nyata kan ? sama ajah kaya Tuhan.

Our life worth while if we pursue something that important to us....

Khayalan bagi orang lain ,mungkin bagi elo itu sangat nyata....kenapa ? karena signal itu terus menerus lewat di permukaan otak elo di tempat yang sama...sehingga terbentuk track (jalan) secara fisik di otak tersebut...itu yang terjadi kalau orang trauma...

Semoga membantu

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

What if ?

Udah lama nih ga nge blog...bener kata temen2 gue bahwa kita butuh inspirasi untuk nge blog.

Yasutra..akhirnya gue coba untuk ngeblog dengan topic..."Mimpi"

dulu waktu gue masih smp...gue sring ngimpi punya duit banyak bener....i mean tidur trus ngimpi...bukannya ber andai-andai.

Yang paling bete adalah impian gue itu kaga pernah sampe tahap gue belanjain tuh duit hahahahahahha....parah bener yah.

Gue selalu mikir coba pas gue bangun...minimal duit yang gue pegang di dalam mimpi gue...ada di tangan gue.pasti lumayan hehehehehhehe...boro2 yang bertumpuk2 itu.

Ada ga yah orang yang impian tidurnya jadi kenyataan ??...tapi maunya yang bagus ajah.