Monday, September 17, 2007

Indonesian = Horror ??

Indonesian film nowdays:

Today i just open the biggest Cineplex in Indonesia website and i saw in "Coming soon" section there are a lot of horror movies :

- Pocong 3
- Kuntilanak 2
- Sundel Bolong
- Rahasia Kuntilanak

I said to myself JEEEZZZZZ...Whats the matter with you people ??

I am not a fan of Horror movie, but i do not...i repeat i do not hate Horror movie.But...butt.....4 Horror movie in a row ? i'll be damn !!!

I never get the idea of paying for something that will frighten you for 1 and a half hour.The idea watching movie for fun is something that i hold dear. it Fun = Afraid ? i don't think so.

This is so....speechless.

i wept in the face of Indonesian Film fate.