Monday, April 14, 2008

Love...illusion or truth ?

I just found out a good argument about love, is it an illusion or is it true ?

Well, we have to look it at the same perspective i suppose, if you think that love is just a state of mind,an euphoria of the soul.Then,maybe love is illusion.


A girl is looking at a handsome boy (handsome is of course a relative terms,while ugly is absolute ^_^).This girl will having a certain illusion of what it's like to be that boy girlfriends...the process of such illusion is what we call falling in love.If the girl is not wake up soon enough she will be married still with such condition in her mind....they all said that when you are falling in love it is much more like sedative,you keep asking for more.

When the reality slap you in the face thats where the true form of such illusion reign her....well,her life could go miserable for falling in love (illusion).

But of course who are we to judge that love between the two person is an illusion ?What i was trying to say...are you sure that your love with your spouse is not an illusion ?

When you are preparing for your wedding ,you have to take a look on things...many things...even the wedding vow.That makes me using my brain thinking...

I want to make my own love declaration....yeah its a declaration instead of wedding vow.Why ? because i am so gonna change that maybe i could not keep a vow or a wedding,not being pessimistic but who can guarantee that it will last for a lifetime...but,on the contrary if i declare my love is eternal...i will love my partner anyway..even if she does not want to be my wife anymore.

So below is some scribble about my love declaration a.k.a wedding vow:

Today i, Sontoloyo declare my love to Ms Sontoloyo for a lifetime, i decide to love her not because what she could give me,but for what i could give her.I decide to love her in her sad times and in my sad moments.I decide to love her when i am up and i am down.I decide to love her and grow with her together.I decide to love her and my family from now on till God take me to heaven.I decide that love will be the foundation of our relationship and communication.

and that just a scribble or a draft..i might not use any of that words...i might use it all.

I also believe that love is a decision,not a chance...not even a sanctuary for happiness...because i know that sometimes loves will bring you pain and sorrow so you could grow, a laughter and tears so you could measure your own strength.

Because i believe that love,truth ,freedom and God vibrate at the same frequency.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Jodoh...Darimana yah ?

Jodoh itu dari siapa ? well kalau elo percaya bahwa Tuhan adalah Segalanya...maka jawabannya yah pasti iya dari Tuhan.(berarti kan hansip itu Tuhan,temen itu Tuhan,gunung himalaya itu Tuhan,Tante itu Tuhan).

Mengenai jodoh (atau apapun) gue percaya bahwa "Tuhan menentukan , manusia berusaha".Jangan di balik yah....kalau di balik kesannya terlalu mengkambing hitamkan Tuhan..

So elo pasti percaya bahwa: kalau Tuhan tidak menaruh jodoh elo di atas bumi ini elo kaga akan dapet jodoh ...the fact that semua yang diciptakan di dunia ini berpasangan (di alkitab sih begitu)....berarti elo juga udah ada pasangannya...and yess berarti Tuhan sudah menentukan sejak awal....selanjutnya adalah proses penemuan pasangan elo sendiri...konyolnya si Tuhan itu...Dia kaga pernah ngasih tau kapan (waktu/when),yang mana(jumlah relasi yang harus dibangun/who) dan dimana(tempat/where) jodoh elo do the why and how yourself.

Ada orang yang jodohnya datang cepat (waktu singkat), ada orang yang jodohnya dekat (tempatnya) ,ada orang yang sekali pacaran langsung jadi pasangan seumur hidup (jumlah relasi sedikit).

What to do then ???

Oke beruntung ada teori statistik....

Asumption : there is a whole deck of 52 cards (bridge playing cards)...

We believe that there is 4 Aces in that deck right ?

If we shuffle it and we put it in the many Aces could we find in that deck ? still 4 aces....

Is it gonna be Ace at the first time we flip the top of the deck ?? maybe....maybe not.
So after a couple of cards we turned but we did not find the we loose our believe about 4 aces in every deck of whole cards ? No...and that kind of believe is something that we believe that jodoh itu dari Tuhan ...but we just have to open another cards to find it...Also added a couple of equation like you are not searching for 4 are searching for 1 ace only...the variable is :

1. Your understanding about what your ace would be ? (color,mark,value,physical appearance etc)
2. How many cards you have to turn to find your ace ? (because it is not as simple as 52 cards).
3. When you decide to turn the card and the next one ?
4. When you will give up finding your ace and satisfied with kings or jacks cards ?
5. and so on (gue males mikirnya)

So, all man (human being not gender) must strive to find the right person to spend their life it gonna be hard ? it is always depends on how your judgment about yourself and your life.